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Common Symptoms of Hernia :

  • Swelling at the site of Hernia, which occurs as mentioned earlier.
  • Swelling increases in size on lifting heavy weight,coughing, sneezing or straining while passing urine/stool and may cause pain. Though pain is not a very common symptom of Hernia, the person suffering may get severe pain if complications like obstruction or strangulation arise, which is very risky and life – threatening.
  • In some cases urinary bladder is a content of Hernial sac and this may cause urinary symptoms like urge to pass urine frequently.
  • If a person delays or postpones the operation for a Hernia, it usually enlarges in size gradually and more rapidly in those patients who have chronic cough [bronchitis], constipation or prostate problem. In such cases Hernia enlarges downwards and descends into scrotum i.e. just above the testicles thereby further weakening the muscles of this region. The Hernia operated in such patients would have slightly higher chances of recurrence.
  • Abdominal pain at times is due to descent of intestines/abdominal fat into Hernial sac, in cases where the ring through which it descends is narrow and therefore exerts pressure. In such situation pain may be felt in the middle of the abdomen.

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