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  1. Is surgical operation mandatory?
    • Yes,Absolutely
  2. what is duration of minimum hospitalization?
    • One day for Groin hernia (uncomplicated)
    • Three to four days for Incisional hernia or Ventral hernia
    • Six to eight days for abdominal hernia with Abdominoplasty
  3. How many days of rest is recommended at home ?
    • Two to Three days for Groin hernia
    • Two weeks for abdominal hernia
    • Three weeks for abdominoplasty
  4. Which are the HOSP. where it can be performed?
    • Navjeevan hospital
    • Lilavati hospital
    • Dr.Hiranandani hospital
    • Beachcandy hospital
  5. Is there lot of pain after surgery?
    • Pain perception is subjective & varies. By & large pain is much less compare to other techniques. It is taken care of by very safe pain killers medicines.
  6. Dose hernia recurs?
    • Groin hernia extremely rarely abdominal 1-2%
  7. What is the cost ?
    • Varies depending on hospital bed type of hernia & material to be used in the operation.
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