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  • A 42 years old lady weighing 160 kg. with large incisional abdominal hernia was successfully operated in the year 2003 using Prolene mesh, and she is doing well.
  • 98 years old male patient with a large groin hernia, and Ischemic Heart disease was Operated under local anesthesia he could climb four flights of stairs same day evening to his apartment house., without any discomfort.
  • A male patient around 35 years of age operated, for groin hernia under local anesthesia & PHS mesh, could drive home same day evening about 160km. (100 Miles) and is doing fine after 5years.
  • Large groin hernia of 40 years standing, repaired under local anesthesia patient resumed his normal work the next day.
  • Mr. Scott operated for Epigastria Hernia could fly back to Dallas in 48 Hrs. of surgery.


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